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Prefijos y Sufijos

2nd Grade

Arkansas Academic Standards: RF.2.3.E

Decode words that follow the six syllable types
  • closed syllable
  • open syllable
  • vowel-consonant-e
  • vowel teams
  • r-controlled vowel
  • consonant-le

Arizona - K-12 Academic Standards: 2.RF.3.d

Common Core State Standards: Literacy.RF.2.3d

Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE): ELAGSE2RF3d

Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS): RF.2.3.d

Mississippi College- and Career-Readiness Standards: RF.2.3d

North Carolina - Standard Course of Study: RF.2.4.d

New Jersey Student Learning Standards: RF.2.3.C

Tennessee Academic Standards: 2.FL.PWR.3.d

Decode words with common prefixes and suffixes.

New York State Next Generation Learning Standards: 2RF3d

Recognize and identify root words and common suffixes and prefixes.

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