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3rd Grade

Arkansas Academic Standards: L.3.1.F

Use coordinating conjunctions appropriately.

Arizona - K-12 Academic Standards: 3.L.1.h

Common Core State Standards: Literacy.L.3.1.h

Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE): ELAGSE3L1h

Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS): L.3.1.h

Mississippi College- and Career-Readiness Standards: L.3.1h

New York State Next Generation Learning Standards:  

Tennessee Academic Standards: 3.FL.SC.6.h

Use coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.

Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks: L.3.1.d

Use coordinating and subordinating conjunctions and choose between them depending on the overall meaning of the sentence.

North Carolina - Standard Course of Study: L.3.1.h

Use coordinating and subordinating conjunctions

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